Best school Madrid


The concept of premium schools does not only mean that only rich people can afford it (Though, certainly, you need money to pay for good education, even if it is public). These schools get their tittle because of the higher quality of their teaching methods, which, by the way, should have been taken in count by governments years ago and don’t look like they are going to be applied in public education by now.

International College Madrid is part of an international organization of schools called Nord Anglia Education. They focus their efforts and resources to give a truly integral education to their students since the first years in kindergarten, until the last months before going to higher education university).

Organizational culture

The philosophy of this organization is based on the principle that each student deserves the closest attention possible and customized evaluations, in terms of education, since that is the only way to assure the child’s best development and to reach his/her potential. In the practice, they achieve this by configuring small classes with no more than 12 students, so every teacher can monitor and follow the growth of the youngsters without leaving behind the critical details and academic responsibilities.

Besides this, they have this conviction that challenges are good for students, because every reached goal boosts their self-confidence and encourage them to assume bigger responsibilities every day. This, added to the fact that each student’s accolades are potentially infinite, guarantee a full and integral development and most important: Assure that the student enjoys the experience of learning. This is actually a very important fact, since research has found that an under-motivated student can miss until 70% of opportunities in life because of his lack of desire to learn, investigate and explore new things and knowledge.

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